We know it all comes down to the bottom line ,and we would like you to know what we charge for our services. Unfortunatley we cannot work for FREE. Every case that we take up involves the team to go over each facet so that we do not miss out, and enable us to offer the best advice possible.


Most importantly we liase and keep you posted on the happenings and provide regular status updates, allowing you the pleasure of being in control each and evry time.


  1. How do we charge ???   

  2. Does it include taxes ??

  3. Can one consult only ??

  4. Do we offer any other services??

  5. Do we offer instalments ??

  6. How does one pay ??


1. How do we charge??

In most cases it is very straight forward as follows:

Temporary Visa:

  1. Student Visa                                   $ 900.00  

  2. Visitor Visa                                     $ 800.00

  3. Work Visa                                       $1700.00

  4. Partnership based Visa                $1600.00

Residency Visa:

  1. Skilled Migrant                              $3500.00

  2. Residence from Work                   $3500.00

  3. Family Category                             $3500.00

  4. Parent Category                             $3500.00

2.Does it include taxes ??

The above rates are indicative and are a starting point in most cases. They are GST exclusive if you are on shore and would not attract GST if overseas.They may vary depending on any complexities. Please talk to us or email. Above rates do not include INZ fees or disbursement.

3.Can one consult only ??

We do also offer consultation as below:

Free 1/2 hour consultation - in person- Skype- Phone

$150 per hour after that (this can be adjusted into the package )


Unsure of what your next step should be?? We can carry out an Assessment for you. This investment on your part will give your

professional advice and options for you to embark on. - NZ $250.

Moreover, these charges can be adjusted into a package if you choose us.

4.Do we offer any other services ??

Ask us about our rates for other services like

  • PPI

  • Section 61

  • Business Migration

  • Variance of conditions

  • NZQA assessment

  • others.....

5.Do we offer instalments ???

We do offer payment plans depending on the Visa you are applying for ,and the charges are levied as we progress through the process

6.How does one pay ??

You could pay using,

  • Cash OR Bank cheque

  • Bank transfer

Bank details

A/c Name :    Impact Immigration Advice

Bank Name:  ANZ Bank

A/c Number: 01-0161-0312988-01

ANZ's SWIFT code: ANZBNZ22 (also known as a Bank Identifier Code or BIC)
Note: If the other party requires an 11 digit SWIFT, use ANZBNZ22XXX

Instructions and SWIFT code for ANZ Bank